NRButtons for Palm OS

  • NRButtons for Palm OS
  • NRButtons for Palm OS
  • NRButtons for Palm OS


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"This is one of my must have apps for the NR70x series"
-- Brian Emick, ClieWorld Magazine

Please note: Currently, NR Buttons does NOT work under Palm OS 5.0, and, consequently, does not function on the Sony NX60 and NX70 devices. We are working on this problem, and will post a new version of the software when it's available. We do not have a release date at this time.

NR Buttons allows you to pull up any application at any time on your Sony Clie NR70 series handheld!
  • Designed and written specifically for the Sony Clie NR70 series
  • Adds up to seven buttons to the lower button bar
  • Quickly access all your apps with just one tap
  • Allows more efficient use in 'tablet' mode
  • Full High Resolution Plus compatability

  • New Features in v.1.1:
  • NR Access button now color coordinated with the rest of the button bar
  • 4 additional button 'slots' are available
  • Scroll up and Scroll down are now available as buttons
  • A scroll bar is now present in the configuration screen
  • Fixed incompatibilities with Address Book, Silver Screen, and others
  • No longer requires HiRes assist to be enabled

  • The NR Buttons interface at a glance:

    For additional information, please read the online manual.

    Version History

    Release versions

    • v.1.21 - Current release version. Released on July 08, 2003. This version includes minor tweaks.
    • v.1.1 - Released on July 26, 2002. It no longer requires HiRes assist to be enabled
    • v.1.0 - Released on July 22, 2002. Initial release version - released 07/22/02