Version History

Changelog for Type Right for Palm OS

Release versions

  • v.1.02 - Current release version. Released on March 22, 2007. This version fixes a bug concerning the registration process.
  • v.1.01 - Released on January 11, 2007. This version adds support for dialing on the Treo 680.
  • v.1.01b4 - Released on December 08, 2006. This version fixes a potential problem when upgrading from a 650 to a 680 or 700p.
  • v.1.0 - Released on October 24, 2006. Initial production release.

Beta versions

  • v.1.03b9 (build 1047) - Released on September 16, 2008. This version adds category cycling support to the 'Alt' key.
  • v.1.03b8 (build 1046) - Released on November 26, 2007. This version adds the ability to cancel out of Quick Bar using the End button (red button), adds the option to enable use of Backspace button, includes an alert when trying to assign an action to backspace or space keys, added new graphics for Centro users, display proper graphics on 755p and disables itself when Key Guard is active.
  • v.1.03b5 - Released on August 15, 2007. This version features minor bug fixes and interface tweaks.
  • v.1.01b3 - Released on November 20, 2006. This version fixes a launching bug that was present in 1.01.
  • v.1.01b1 - Released on October 30, 2006. This version fixes numerous bugs including a exclusion-naming problem, a deletion bug that occurred when bringing up a pop-up list and a UI problem that occurred when adding multiple items to a button.
  • v.1.0b18 - Released on September 21, 2006. This version fixes a bug that impeded canceling contact pop-ups.
  • v.1.0b17 - Released on September 06, 2006. This version features the following:
    • Scroll-wrapping in list popups
    • Added app-wide exclusions (you can select apps where TR will not kick in)
    • Added recent-app exclusions (that won't get added to the recent app list)
    • Fixed up key-trapping logic to eliminate spurious key presses
    • Allows option-key presses to proceed as normal
    • Enabled the '.', return, and backspace keys for menu/app assignment
    As with prior versions, if you already have an older version of Type Right installed, please make sure the application is disabled before installing this version.
  • v.1.0b15 - Released on August 31, 2006. This version adds support for text messages, includes 'swap back' which allows you to jump back to the last app you were using, and the Preferences options have been cleaned up. 1.0b15 also fixes a bug in switch categories in the QuickBar and fixes a bug that occurred when reading certain applications off the card.
  • v.1.0b14 - Released on August 27, 2006. This version fixes a problem sending email, fixes a bug concerning the HotSync action and now tapping an icon in the key-hold popup will launch the application.
  • v.1.0b13 - Released on August 25, 2006. This version includes features phone type abbreviations in the QuickBar, and the shift-space access for the QuickBar can now be turned off in the Preferences. Please make sure to disable Type Right before installing this upgrade.
  • v.1.0b12 - Released on August 23, 2006. This version includes support for DAs, fixes a problem with "invisible applications" (ie, those without custom icons), adds labels for phone numbers and adds HotSync action.
  • v.1.0b11 - Released on August 22, 2006. This version adds support for selecting an email address and fixes a potential bug in assigning actions to alpha keys. It also features a new Status display that shows time, battery life, and available RAM, plus it includes a new action to trigger the command bar.
  • v.1.0b9 - Released on August 18, 2006. This version features minor bug fixes that fix some application list display errors, adds a web browser preference option and features a minor UI tweaks. If you are upgrading from a previous version, please disable Type Right before installing this version.
  • v.1.0b8 - Released on August 17, 2006. Initial public beta release.