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1.      Welcome and Registration. 2

1.1.       Included Files. 2

1.2.       System Requirements. 3

1.3.       Purchasing Quickipedia. 3

1.3.1.     Necessary Information. 3

1.3.2.     Entering the Registration Code. 4

1.4.       Contacting Stand Alone, Inc. 4

1.4.1.     E-mail 4

1.4.2.     Fax. 4

1.4.3.     World Wide Web. 4

1.5.       Customer Support 4

2.      Overview.. 5

2.1.       Understanding Wikipedia. 5

2.2.       Accessing Articles: Go vs. Search. 5

3.      Using Quickipedia. 5

3.1.       Opening an Article by Name. 6

3.2.       Searching for an Article. 7

3.3.       Viewing News Articles. 7

3.4.       Viewing a Random Article. 7

3.5.       Using the Options Menu. 7

3.6.       Using Menu Bar Icons. 8

3.7.       Using Cached Articles and the Article Selector. 8

4.      Configuring Preferences. 9

4.1.       Storage Preferences. 9

4.2.       Display Preferences. 9


1.                              Welcome and Registration

The Wikipedia is a free, Web-based encyclopedia that has grown rapidly in size and popularity since its inception in 2001. Quickipedia enables you to quickly search, read, and store Wikipedia articles on your wireless Palm Powered™ handheld.

1.1.                              Included Files

The archive includes the following files and folders:


Table 1. Quickipedia Files and Folders




Explains how to register and order the software.


Installs Quickipedia on your Palm Powered handheld.


Automatically establishes link with Stand Alone, Inc. website.  Places Quickipedia in your shopping cart. (If this does not happen automatically, click the Click to order link to go to our website.)


Contains the software license agreement. Please read this before using the software. By installing, copying, or otherwise using this software, you agree to be bound by the terms of the license agreement.


Contains the HTML version of this manual. The images subfolder contains the graphics for this manual.

1.2.                              System Requirements

Palm OS version 4.0 or later is required. Visit http://www.standalone.com/palmos/ to obtain an updated list of supported Palm Powered devices. This manual refers to any compatible device as a “Palm Powered handheld.”

1.3.                              Purchasing Quickipedia

Quickipedia is shareware, software that you can download and try for free. After 30 days, the software will only work with a valid registration code. There are several ways to order the registration code:


  • Order online at our website. This is the easiest way to register. The online shopping cart uses security features that are supported by current Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers (version 4.0 or higher).
  • E-mail your registration information to sales@standalone.com. We will send the registration code.
  • Fax your order to us at (773) 477-2579. Please include an e-mail address with your fax.


The registered version of Quickipedia includes all of the features available in the demo version.

1.3.1.                        Necessary Information

Have the following information ready before you register:


  • Your exact name as it is entered in your Palm Powered handheld, including spaces.
  • The complete list of programs that you wish to register.
  • Payment information. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and personal checks.  To pay with a credit card, provide the card number, the expiration date, and the type of card.
  • Contact information. Please provide an e-mail date, mailing date, and phone number.

1.3.2.                        Entering the Registration Code

To enter the registration code before the 30 day evaluation period has expired:


  1. Open Quickipedia from the Applications menu.
  2. Select Options >> Enter Registration Code from the menu. The Enter Reg Code screen containing a numerical keypad appears.  The Name field shows your name as it is entered into your Palm Powered handheld.
  3. Tap the numerical keypad to enter the registration code.
  4. Tap the Register button.


To enter the registration code after the 30-day evaluation period has expired:


  1. Open Quickipedia from the Applications menu. The registration information screen appears.
  2. Tap Enter Registration.  The Enter Reg Code screen containing a numerical keypad appears. The Name field shows your name as it is entered into your Palm Powered handheld.
  3. Tap the numerical keypad to enter the registration code.
  4. Tap the Register button.


If you have any questions about registration or our registration policy, please feel free to e-mail us at sales@standalone.com.

1.4.                              Contacting Stand Alone, Inc.

There are several ways to get in touch with us. E-mail is preferred. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1.4.1.                        E-mail

Internet: info@standalone.com

1.4.2.                        Fax

Fax: (773) 477-2579

1.4.3.                        World Wide Web


1.5.                              Customer Support

Please e-mail us at techsupport@standalone.com if you have problems using Quickipedia. Include the following information to help us isolate the problem:


  • The type of Palm Powered handheld that you are using (example: Palm IIIx)
  • The software name and version number. Select Options >> About Quickipedia from the menu to view the software name and version number (example: Quickipedia for Palm OS®, version 1.0b1).
  • Any error messages that accompany the problem.
  • A brief description of how we can recreate the error.
  • Your name and e-mail date.

2.                              Overview

This section gives an overview of Wikipedia. If you are already familiar with Wikipedia, please skip ahead to Section 3, Using Quickipedia.

2.1.                              Understanding Wikipedia

Communities of volunteers create and update Wikipedia articles. Articles span a wide variety of topics, and are generally more current and specialized than entries in a traditional encyclopedia. For more information about Wikipedia, visit  www.wikipedia.org.

2.2.                              Accessing Articles: Go vs. Search

A Wikipedia article can be accessed either by entering its title (e.g. “Colin Powell”) or by entering a general search term (e.g. “United States Secretary of State”) and then selecting the article from a list. The Wikipedia web site has Go and Search buttons for these two search methods. (Figure 1)


Figure 1 Go and Search Buttons on Wikipedia Web Site

The Go button opens an article whose title matches the search term, if a match exists. The Search button opens a list of articles that relate to the search term. Quickipedia supports both search methods, as the following section explains.

3.                              Using Quickipedia

This section explains how to find and manage articles in Quickipedia.

3.1.                              Opening an Article by Name

To open an article by name:


  1. Select Go >> Open Article… from the Menu, or enter O in the graffiti area. The Open Article dialog box appears. (Figure 2)


Figure 2 Open Article Dialog Box


  1. Enter the name of the article.
  2. Tap Go. The article appears if found. (Figure 3)


Figure 3 Article in Quickipedia


3.2.                              Searching for an Article

To search for and open an article:


  1. Select Go >> Search… from the Menu, or enter F in the graffiti area. The Search Term dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the search term.
  3. Tap Search. A list of article titles appears, if matches are found.
  4. Tap the desired article title. The article appears.


3.3.                              Viewing News Articles

To view current world news articles, select Go >> Current News from the Menu, or enter N in the graffiti area.

3.4.                              Viewing a Random Article

To view an article at random, select Go >> Random Article from the Menu, or enter A in the graffiti area.

3.5.                              Using the Options Menu

To access the Options menu, tap the Menu silkscreen key to the left of the graffiti area, or tap the QP icon in the menu bar. (Table 2)


Table 2 Options Menu




Open the Preferences screen. Read Section 4, Configuring Preferences.

Reload Current

Reload the article that is currently open on the screen.

Clear History

Delete previously viewed article titles from the article selector.

Clear Cache

Delete previously viewed articles from memory.

Enter Registration Code

After a thirty-day trial period, Quickipedia requires purchase for you to continue using it. When you purchase Quickipedia, you will be sent an activation code that unlocks the application.

About Quickipedia

View the version number of the installed Quickipedia software. Access the Registration Code window. View technical support contact information.


3.6.                              Using Menu Bar Icons

Use the menu bar icons to navigate information or to change the size of text. (Table 3)


Table 3 Menu Bar Icons on Articles Screen





Main Menu

Open the main menu.


Search for an article. Launches Search Term dialog box.


Go to an article by name. Launches Open Article dialog box.



Go back to previously viewed page.


Go forward to more recent, previously viewed page.

Font size

Adjust size of text on screen. (Only available on high resolution devices).


3.7.                              Using Cached Articles and the Article Selector

Quickipedia stores previously viewed articles in cache memory. This increases the speed at which previously viewed articles appear on the screen and also allows you to read articles while disconnected from the Internet. To jump to a previously viewed article, tap the pull-down article selector located in the upper right corner of the screen.


Select Options >> Clear History from the menu, or enter H in the graffiti area to clear all previously viewed articles from the cache and the article selector.

4.                              Configuring Preferences

To open the preferences window, select Options >> Preferences, or enter R in the graffiti area.

4.1.                              Storage Preferences

Table 4 Storage Preferences



Preferred Card

Select card where Quickipedia stores articles for rapid retrieval.

Store downloads on card

Check checkbox to store articles on card rather than internal memory.

Cache size

View the number of bytes used on the selected storage card or internal memory.

Limit Cache to

Set upper limit on the number of bytes that Quickipedia will cache.

Clear Cache Now

Tap to clear the cache.


4.2.                              Display Preferences

Table 5 Display Preferences



Open to last viewed item

Check to disable the Quickipedia start screen and show the most recently viewed article when launching Quickipedia.

Replace unknown characters

Replace unknown characters with placeholder symbols.



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