Pinochle for Palm OS

  • Pinochle for Palm OS
  • Pinochle for Palm OS
  • Pinochle for Palm OS


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Compatible Devices

Pinochle for Palm OS compatible devices:

  • HandEra 330
  • Handspring Neo
  • Handspring Platinum
  • Handspring Prism
  • Handspring Pro
  • Handspring Visor
  • Handspring Visor Deluxe
  • Handspring Visor Edge
  • IBM WorkPad
  • IBM Workpad c3
  • IBM Workpad c500
  • IBM Workpad c505
  • Kyocera Smartphone 7135
  • Kyocera SmartPhone QCP 6035
  • Palm i705
  • Palm III
  • Palm IIIc
  • Palm IIIe
  • Palm IIIx
  • Palm IIIxe
  • Palm m100
  • Palm m105
  • Palm m125
  • Palm m130
  • Palm m500
  • Palm m505
  • Palm m515
  • Palm V
  • Palm VII
  • Palm VIIx
  • Palm Vx
  • Qualcomm pdQ
  • Samsung SPH-i300
  • Samsung SPH-i330
  • Samsung SPH-i500
  • Sony CLIE N Series
  • Sony CLIE NR Series
  • Sony Clie PEG-N610C
  • Sony CLIE S Series
  • Sony CLIE SJ Series
  • Sony CLIE SL Series
  • Sony CLIE T Series
  • Symbol SPT 1500
  • Symbol SPT 1550
  • Symbol SPT 1700
  • Symbol SPT 1800
  • Treo 180
  • Treo 270
  • Treo 300
  • Treo 90
  • TRG Pro
  • Tungsten W
  • Zire
Now you can play the strategic card game of pinochle on your Palm Powered� handheld. Pinochle is an unusual game of both luck and skill played with a special deck of 80 cards. In every round, place a bid for the minimum number of points you can make. The winner of the bid names the trump suit and begins play. Players must follow the suit of the first card played in a trick, if they can. The highest card wins each trick, earning points. Play continues until cards are gone.

Also, starting with the right combinations of cards, called melds, scores special points. Melds can propel a partnership to victory even faster, or reverse the tide of the game. The first partnership to score 500 or more points wins the game. You can also increase the difficulty by allowing the computer players to see your hand.
Pinochle includes:
  • In-game help and game preferences
  • Multiple difficulty settings

Version History

Release versions

  • v.1.13 - Current release version. Minor bug fixes
  • v.1.0 - Initial release version