Hold Em for Palm OS

  • Hold Em for Palm OS
  • Hold Em for Palm OS
  • Hold Em for Palm OS


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Compatible Devices

Hold Em for Palm OS compatible devices:

  • Centro
  • Garmin iQue 3200
  • Garmin iQue 3600
  • HandEra 330
  • Handspring Neo
  • Handspring Platinum
  • Handspring Prism
  • Handspring Pro
  • Handspring Visor
  • Handspring Visor Deluxe
  • Handspring Visor Edge
  • IBM WorkPad
  • IBM Workpad c3
  • IBM Workpad c500
  • IBM Workpad c505
  • Kyocera Smartphone 7135
  • Kyocera SmartPhone QCP 6035
  • Palm i705
  • Palm III
  • Palm IIIc
  • Palm IIIe
  • Palm IIIx
  • Palm IIIxe
  • Palm LifeDrive
  • Palm m100
  • Palm m105
  • Palm m125
  • Palm m130
  • Palm m500
  • Palm m505
  • Palm m515
  • Palm TX
  • Palm V
  • Palm VII
  • Palm VIIx
  • Palm Vx
  • Palm Z22
  • Qualcomm pdQ
  • Samsung SPH-i300
  • Samsung SPH-i330
  • Samsung SPH-i500
  • Sony CLIE N Series
  • Sony CLIE NR Series
  • Sony CLIE NX Series
  • Sony CLIE NZ Series
  • Sony Clie PEG-N610C
  • Sony CLIE S Series
  • Sony CLIE SJ Series
  • Sony CLIE SL Series
  • Sony CLIE T Series
  • Sony CLIE TG Series
  • Sony CLIE TH55
  • Sony CLIE TJ Series
  • Sony CLIE UX Series
  • Sony CLIE VZ90
  • Symbol SPT 1500
  • Symbol SPT 1550
  • Symbol SPT 1700
  • Symbol SPT 1800
  • Tapwave Zodiac
  • Tapwave Zodiac 2
  • Treo 180
  • Treo 270
  • Treo 300
  • Treo 600
  • Treo 650
  • Treo 680
  • Treo 700p
  • Treo 755p
  • Treo 90
  • TRG Pro
  • Tungsten C
  • Tungsten E
  • Tungsten E2
  • Tungsten T
  • Tungsten T2
  • Tungsten T3
  • Tungsten T5
  • Tungsten W
  • Zire
  • Zire 21
  • Zire 31
  • Zire 71
  • Zire 72


Need additional information? Check out the Hold Em for Palm OS manual!

For a limited time, email us at erik@standalone.com and we will create custom skins for you! For more information, please see the detailed instructions below.

Hold 'Em for Palm OS is a refined version of Texas Hold 'Em from our Poker for Palm OS program.

Hold 'Em contains the following features:

  • Play against two to ten players with seven different types of AI personalities
  • A range of player graphics to show possible 'tells'
  • Preferences to define custom rules and change betting types
  • Progressive play
  • Limit or no limit play
  • Omaha-style Poker
  • Custom betting and full statistics
  • Several different skins that change the look of your players and the board
  • Support for HiRes and Palm OS 5.0 handheld devices
  • And much much more!

Custom Skins available!

To submit materials for a custom skin for Hold Em for Palm OS, please send the following to erik@standalone.com.

  • Background-less pictures that are 40x40 pixels
  • Up to seven photos per player, and a maximum of ten players.
  • Names for each player

Please note that by emailing us materials to create a custom skin that you are authorizing us to alter the source materials and redistribute the completed skins. This offer is only offered for a limited time. If you have additional questions about the skins, please contact erik@standalone.com.

Hold 'Em v.1.3 features the following changes:

  • Odds calculator - works for any poker hand with any card combos via menu
  • Randomize players seats
  • Players can leave the table and then come back later
  • Can reset all statistics
  • Can choose how much cash players start with at a new table
  • Minimum bet is now the size of the previous bet (following correct poker rules)
  • At the end of a hand you can look at everyones cards (including players who folded) (optional)
  • Can use graffiti to play (f, b, c, r) for fold, bet, check or call, and raise
  • Can now change computer player names
  • Can watch other players hands when you have folded or are all (optional)
  • Fixed bug in rating two-pair hands

Version History

Release versions

  • v.1.3 - Current release version. Released on August 22, 2005. New features include an odds calculator, cash customization options, graffiti input options, AI player name customization, and much more!
  • v.1.28 - Released on May 10, 2005. This version fixes 5-way compatibility issues, flickering problems and includes several functionality improvements.
  • v.1.27 - Released on March 01, 2005. Features numerous bug fixes, including a problem with players having negative cash flow, several 5-Way issues, a display issue when playing a fixed betting game and a multiplayer 'all in' bug.
  • v.1.25 - Released on January 31, 2005. This version addresses the call and raise buttons bugs, and includes Treo and T5 5-way compatibility.
  • v.1.2 - Released on October 25, 2004. Progressive play implemented, cleaner interface, new graphics and game dialogs, skinning implemented, better defined winners and much more!
  • v.1.1 - Released on April 14, 2004. Features improved graphics, new layouts, stronger AI, sound support for Tungsten handhelds, hard buton gameplay added. Also features bug fixes for Omaha as well as supporting screen resolutions 160x160, 320x320, 320x480 and 480x320.
  • v.1.03 - Released on February 12, 2004. Now includes support for expanded collapsible graffiti for Sony Clie, Tapwave and Tungsten handhelds. Also fixes a bug where the wrong winner was called, as well as a graphics glitch on older Sony Clie models.
  • v.1.0 - Released on September 29, 2003. Initial release version.