Version History

Changelog for Formulas for Palm OS

Release versions

  • v.1.51 - Current release version. Released on July 08, 2003. Includes minor bug fixes.
  • v.1.5 - Released on March 24, 2003. Tip calculator now allows you to split the bill, area codes have been updated and exchange rates have been improved.
  • v.1.45 - Released on July 03, 2002. Now you can edit any exchange rate.
  • v.1.44 - Released on March 08, 2002. This version fixes a bug with the conduit.
  • v.1.43 - Fixes a bug in the exchange rate display.
  • v.1.42 - Released on February 21, 2002. This version fixes a bug where the exchange rates give the inverse of the proper exchange rate.
  • v.1.41 - User entered exchange rates these do not get synced so that user can control them completely, fixes a crashing bug on some palms when opening, database update,
  • v.1.4 - Currency Rates conduit implemented allowing your currency exchanges to be updated daily! Updates area codes occasionally.
  • v.1.38 - Minor bug fixes
  • v.1.0 - Initial release version

Beta versions

  • v.1.4b1 - Minor bug fixes, plus a new conduit that updates currency rates on a daily basis.