Version History

Changelog for DateMan for Palm OS

Release versions

  • v.2.06 - Current release version. Released on February 17, 2005. Features minor bug fixes.
  • v.2.03 - Released on March 22, 2004. Features minor bug fixes and refinements.
  • v.2.0 - Released on January 12, 2004. Full 5-way & jog dial support, full-screen and wide-screen display support, new alarm system and much more!
  • v.1.08 - Released on November 26, 2002. Added support for more icons, added Hi-Res/High Density graphics in some areas, and fixed bug when displaying To Do items in day/week view.
  • v.1.07 - Released on September 18, 2002. Numerous bug fixes and upport for additional icon sets added.
  • v.1.06 - Released on September 02, 2002. Repeat on Day now functions correctly, bug concerning HAFAS Palm has been rectified,
  • v.1.05 - Released on June 24, 2002. Minor Bug Fixes.
  • v.1.03 - Released on February 01, 2002. Added DM Tools and several minor options; small interface changes and assorted bug fixes.
  • v.1.02 - Released on December 04, 2001. Fixes a problem with 'disappearing' To Do tasks, Adds Default Priorities for To Do tasks. Date 'N Time: It fixes a problem selecting
  • v.1.01 - Released on December 03, 2001. Icon format is now more memory efficient, deleting single instance of a repeating item, done/un-dated To Do tasks no longer show in list if "Show Done Items" is unchecked in the Prefs,
  • v.1.0 - Released on November 30, 2001. Initial release version

Beta versions

  • v.1.0b32 - Beta version; minor bug fixes.