Bridge for Palm OS

  • Bridge for Palm OS
  • Bridge for Palm OS
  • Bridge for Palm OS


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Compatible Devices

Bridge for Palm OS compatible devices:

  • HandEra 330
  • Handspring Neo
  • Handspring Platinum
  • Handspring Prism
  • Handspring Pro
  • Handspring Visor
  • Handspring Visor Deluxe
  • Handspring Visor Edge
  • IBM WorkPad
  • IBM Workpad c3
  • IBM Workpad c500
  • IBM Workpad c505
  • Kyocera Smartphone 7135
  • Kyocera SmartPhone QCP 6035
  • Palm i705
  • Palm III
  • Palm IIIc
  • Palm IIIe
  • Palm IIIx
  • Palm IIIxe
  • Palm m100
  • Palm m105
  • Palm m125
  • Palm m130
  • Palm m500
  • Palm m505
  • Palm m515
  • Palm V
  • Palm VII
  • Palm VIIx
  • Palm Vx
  • Qualcomm pdQ
  • Samsung SPH-i300
  • Samsung SPH-i330
  • Samsung SPH-i500
  • Sony CLIE N Series
  • Sony CLIE NR Series
  • Sony Clie PEG-N610C
  • Sony CLIE S Series
  • Sony CLIE SJ Series
  • Sony CLIE SL Series
  • Sony CLIE T Series
  • Symbol SPT 1500
  • Symbol SPT 1550
  • Symbol SPT 1700
  • Symbol SPT 1800
  • Treo 180
  • Treo 270
  • Treo 300
  • Treo 90
  • TRG Pro
  • Tungsten W
  • Zire


Need additional information? Check out the Bridge for Palm OS manual!

Play the classic game of Bridge anywhere on your Palm Powered handheld. Bridge for Palm OS™ uses a modified version of the Standard American System for bidding.

Features of Bridge include:

  • Various help screens including full help text while bidding or while playing.
  • Plus Bridge suggests what it thinks you should bid and why - or it will even play out your hand for you.
  • You have the option to replay hands over or see the cards every player had during play.
  • Bridge allows you to select from 5 different card sizes as well as choose from 8 different card backs and any color table.

  • For additional information, please see our online Bridge Manual.

    Bridge for Palm OS™now features refined grayscale graphics, improved card selection and rule warnings.

    Version History

    Release versions

    • v.1.38 - Current release version. Released on February 25, 2002. Fixes a bug which may cause bridge to crash on some palms.
    • v.1.37 - Multiple sized cards implemented; 5 different sizes to choose from. Scoring with doubling bug fixed, display bug fixed with bids after hand is played,
    • v.1.36 - Minor bug fixes.
    • v.1.35 - Minor bug fixes.
    • v.1.32 - Refined grayscale graphics, improved card selection and rule warnings.