Backgammon Pro for Palm OS

  • Backgammon Pro for Palm OS
  • Backgammon Pro for Palm OS
  • Backgammon Pro for Palm OS


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Compatible Devices

Backgammon Pro for Palm OS compatible devices:

  • Centro
  • Garmin iQue 3200
  • Garmin iQue 3600
  • HandEra 330
  • Handspring Neo
  • Handspring Platinum
  • Handspring Prism
  • Handspring Pro
  • Handspring Visor
  • Handspring Visor Deluxe
  • Handspring Visor Edge
  • IBM WorkPad
  • IBM Workpad c3
  • IBM Workpad c500
  • IBM Workpad c505
  • Kyocera Smartphone 7135
  • Kyocera SmartPhone QCP 6035
  • Palm i705
  • Palm III
  • Palm IIIc
  • Palm IIIe
  • Palm IIIx
  • Palm IIIxe
  • Palm LifeDrive
  • Palm m100
  • Palm m105
  • Palm m125
  • Palm m130
  • Palm m500
  • Palm m505
  • Palm m515
  • Palm TX
  • Palm V
  • Palm VII
  • Palm VIIx
  • Palm Vx
  • Palm Z22
  • Qualcomm pdQ
  • Samsung SPH-i300
  • Samsung SPH-i330
  • Samsung SPH-i500
  • Sony CLIE N Series
  • Sony CLIE NR Series
  • Sony CLIE NX Series
  • Sony CLIE NZ Series
  • Sony Clie PEG-N610C
  • Sony CLIE S Series
  • Sony CLIE SJ Series
  • Sony CLIE SL Series
  • Sony CLIE T Series
  • Sony CLIE TG Series
  • Sony CLIE TH55
  • Sony CLIE TJ Series
  • Sony CLIE UX Series
  • Sony CLIE VZ90
  • Symbol SPT 1500
  • Symbol SPT 1550
  • Symbol SPT 1700
  • Symbol SPT 1800
  • Tapwave Zodiac
  • Tapwave Zodiac 2
  • Treo 180
  • Treo 270
  • Treo 300
  • Treo 600
  • Treo 650
  • Treo 680
  • Treo 700p
  • Treo 755p
  • Treo 90
  • TRG Pro
  • Tungsten C
  • Tungsten E
  • Tungsten E2
  • Tungsten T
  • Tungsten T2
  • Tungsten T3
  • Tungsten T5
  • Tungsten W
  • Zire
  • Zire 21
  • Zire 31
  • Zire 71
  • Zire 72


Need additional information? Check out the Backgammon Pro for Palm OS manual!

"[Backgammon Pro] is by far the best Palm based version by anyone, includes Hi-Res version of game for Clie, is fast, complex with A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) features - all you could ask for!"
-- Peter M. Fine, President of the New York City Digital Assistant Users' Group
Backgammon Pro for Palm OS is a remake to our best selling backgammon game, and is a great way to enjoy the strategic game of backgammon anywhere, without a board. When playing Backgammon Pro you can start up and play of change the settings to meet your needs. Beginner players can learn the subtleties of backgammon while the expert player can still play a challenging game.

Options for Backgammon Pro include:

  • Fully functional doubling cube
  • Undo Current Move - up to 50 levels of undo available after playing 200 games
  • Pip Count
  • Four playing boards, including Leather (HiRes), Black & White, Wood and Traditional
  • Two Fair Random Die Generators, you can enter the random seed to replay dice patterns over again or enter your own dice. You may also view the upcoming rolls.
  • Cheating Die Generator - This option shows you what it is like to lose to the Palm much more often
  • Suggest Moves - learn what the palm would do for a given roll
  • Learning opponent - the computer will analyze games and adjust its strategy against you! You may also manually set the 14 actions the palm evaluates when making a move, and store up to four different computer personalities. You can make an aggressive opponent, a defensive opponent, etc.
  • IR game play - two Players can play against each other with two handhelds
  • Four levels of computer skill - the skill is directly related to the opponents thinking. The skill level alters the computer's mistake rate. Beginner makes more mistakes than Expert
  • Single Tap Moves
  • Visitor Mode - so your friends don't mess up your statistics
  • Several computer game playing styles
  • Play as Black or White
  • Reversible Board Direction
  • Save games and play them later
  • Replay games - try different strategies
  • Rewatch Completed Games
  • In-game Help
  • Auto Rolling Dice
  • Human or Computer opponent
  • Backgammon Pro for Palm OS is the only game you need, complete with every option you would ever want.

    Check out a review of Backgammon Pro in edition 28 of this fine, all-German magazine: Palmtop-Pro!

    Please Note Original Backgammon 1.51 and Backgammon 1.31 users:
    • To install Backgammon 1.51 or 1.31 please run the installer linked on this page and choose "Install Original Backgammon".
    • To upgrade from Backgammon 1.51 to Backgammon Pro requires a $5 upgrade fee if you purchased Backgammon before 08/01/2001. The upgrade is free if you purchased Backgammon after 08/01/2001. To pay the $5 fee please follow this link:
    • If you qualify for a free upgrade please email us at: with the subject "Backgammon Upgrade" to receive your free upgrade, or click here.
    If you wish to purchase Backgammon 1.51 or Backgammon 1.31 please purchase Backgammon Pro. You will receive registration codes for both products at no extra cost.

    Version History

    Release versions

    • v.1.27 - Current release version. Released on June 15, 2005. This version fixes a bug that would crash Backgammon Pro on certain handhelds.
    • v.1.26 - Released on May 25, 2005. This version fixes display problems on older devices running Palm OS 3.3 and adds animation options for the dice.
    • v.1.25 - Released on April 22, 2005. Fixes a bug that appeared on Treo and Zire model handhelds, and corrects default menu options.
    • v.1.23 - Released on April 05, 2005. This version features full 5-way support, hard button gameplay functionality, compatibility with landscape and portrait modes, and new dice animation.
    • v.1.21 - Released on August 10, 2004. The Clie display bug has been addressed with this version.
    • v.1.2 - Released on February 09, 2004. Features Full screen support for Tapwave and Tungsten handhelds.
    • v.1.11 - Released on November 18, 2003. Support for Treo 600 and more clearly marks a die as used.
    • v.1.1 - Released on September 03, 2003. Added four HiRes and LoRes versions of boards, the dice buttons are more responsive, can tap on pip to get hitting odds for each point, dice graphics have been improved and minor bug fixes.
    • v.1.07 - Released on July 08, 2002. Fixes a crashing problem when exiting the program.
    • v.1.06 - Released on November 21, 2002. Now compatible with Palm OS 5.0 devices, and fixes a bug with the doubling cube.
    • v.1.05 - Released on August 22, 2002. Features faster and more responsive dice rolling and piece moving, added the ability to turn off the display showing legal moves
    • v.1.03 - Released on August 13, 2002. Greyscale and black and white graphics vastly improved, and the doubling cube bug on high-resolution devices has been fixed.
    • v.1.02 - Released on July 24, 2002. Fixes a bug where the board was not sized correctly on high resolution devices.
    • v.1.01 - Released on July 03, 2002. Improved AI and minor High Resolution device bugs have been fixed.
    • v.1.0 - Released on June 04, 2002. Initial public release version.

    Latest beta version

    • v.1.0b5 - Released on March 15, 2002. Initial public beta version.