Version History

Changelog for Auto Slate for Palm OS

Release versions

  • v.1.42 - Current release version. Released on June 22, 2006. This version features minor bug fixes.
  • v.1.39 - Released on July 06, 2005. This version includes minor bug fixes, including addressing a bug where spurious records were being created everytime you opened and closed the application.
  • v.1.36 - Released on May 06, 2005. This version features minor bug fixes, including a fix for the odometer field focus bug.
  • v.1.31 - Released on April 21, 2005. Auto Slate is now Treo 650 and T5 compatible!
  • v.1.30 - Released on November 12, 2003. Upgraded for the Handspring Treo 600
  • v.1.29 - Released on May 27, 2003. This version fixes a crash error on Tungsten T, common null handle errors and the HiRes and low resolution versions have been combined.
  • v.1.28 - Released on February 07, 2003. Fixed display errors and Palm OS 5.0 incompatibilities that were not addressed in v.1.27
  • v.1.27 - Released on January 15, 2003. HiRes compatibility added and output bugs fixed have been addressed in the conduit.
  • v.1.26 - Released on November 26, 2002. Palm OS 5.0 Compatibility added.
  • v.1.25 - Released on March 11, 2002. Conduit upgraded, and this version provides fuel economy statistics over a mileage range.
  • v.1.23 - Released on February 05, 2002. Additional form available for car washes, can now accept unlimited insurance records and conduit upgraded to version 1.2.
  • v.1.22 - Released on December 11, 2001. Now with support for international number formats, fixes display problems on Sony Clie and Palm OS 3.3, fixes scrolling errors with large lists and the conduit has been upgraded.
  • v.1.21 - Released on October 02, 2001. Fixes error with calculating mileages for oil alarms and allows users to enter oil change intervals manually.
  • v.1.2 - Released on September 26, 2001. Allows users to export data to the Date Book, includes a conduit to export data to a desktop spreadsheet and alarms for maintenance and oil changes.
  • v.1.17 - Released on June 22, 2001. This version fixes particular errors that some users may have with v 1.15.
  • v.1.15 - Released on June 21, 2001. Tolls and parking now included in trip tracking, insurance data entry screen added, improved custom filter function and fixed some graphic refresh errors.
  • v.1.12 - Released on June 04, 2001. Fixes operation of odometer in trips screen, fixes fuel economy units with miles and litres and includes improved scrolling of main list.
  • v.1.11 - Fixes a bug where car data was lost when upgrading from version 1.0 to later versions.
  • v.1.1 - Now supports trips! Enter distance travelled for a specific purpose, and view by several different filters. Track mileage and expenses for business and also supports non-US units and fuel economy calculation.
  • v.1.0 - Initial release version.

Beta versions

  • v.1.4b - Released on November 12, 2005. This version addresses a bug concerning insurance.
  • v.1.37 - No version information available.