Stand Alone, Inc. Consulting

20 Years of Mobile Industry Experience

Stand Alone, Inc. have been creating award-winning, best-selling mobile apps for over two decades. We started with the Newton, flourished under the Palm OS platform, then found great success with the iOS App Store. We have over 10 years of experience with Cocoa frameworks, over five years experience with iOS, and we're constantly pushing ourselves by exploring other platforms.

Our Development Ethos

The user experience is paramount. An app is worthless without a polished interface. We've improved on the iconic crossword puzzle, bolstered time management with re-invented calendar apps, and built frustration-free address books.

Prior Projects

We have worked on large projects for Fortune 500 companies, and small jobs for one-man shops. We have tackled internal enterprise mobile apps, and launched top-grossing iPhone games. We develop apps that surprise, delight and engage users, no matter the task.

What We Can Do For You

Let our years of experience guide your vision. We can shape your mobile needs into an app that will engage your users and, thanks to our expertise, ensure that deployment is trouble-free, regardless of the platform.

Get in Touch

If you're interested in our services, you can contact us via: