Power Words Today - Pack Two for Pocket PC

  • Power Words Today - Pack Two for Pocket PC
  • Power Words Today - Pack Two for Pocket PC


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System Requirements

  • Pocket PC 2002
  • Pocket PC 2003
  • ARM / X-Scale Processors Only
  • Wake up to learn a new word every day or just learn it fast! Improve your word power one word at a time. A year's worth of words providing slow and steady learning process.

    Power Words Today Plug-in presents a unique way of improving your Vocabulary/Word Power in the English language.

    Better vocabulary and English usage skills are a must for success in any profession.

    Power Words Today for Pocket PC is a must-have personal enhancer for all students and professionals.

    Build your Vocabulary/Word Power one word at a time. A new word is displayed every day and automatically changes with the day of the week providing you with a one year's worth of words, January through December.

    For perfect learning try using the word you learn in your conversations/meetings etc. Learn meaning and sample usage with two example sentences.

    Simply click on Power Words and you have an entire collection of words which are part of Power Words Today - Pack Two for Pocket PC. Guess the meaning or play for word meanings or simply double click away on any word and find its meaning and sample usage.

    Improve your Word Power, reading and general English with this tool every day of the year.

    Version History

    Release versions

    • v.1.0 - Current release version. Released on October 10, 2004. Initial release version,