Periodic Table for Pocket PC

  • Periodic Table for Pocket PC
  • Periodic Table for Pocket PC


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System Requirements

  • Pocket PC 2002
  • Pocket PC 2003
  • ARM / X-Scale Processors Only
  • Check the elements and compute formulas with this complete table of the periodic elements! Periodic Table for Pocket PC® displays a color-coded table of all known elements. With Periodic Table for Pocket PC®, you can view detailed information about a specific element. Tap an element in the table to view its symbol, mass number, atomic weight, density, oxidation states, electron configuration, and much more. Isotope information is also accessible in the Options menu. Finally, you can calculate the weight of a chemical formula by entering it.

    Periodic Table for Pocket PC® features 5-Way navigation control and Landscape view.

    Version History

    Release versions

    • v.1.01 - Current release version. Released on January 07, 2004. Features minor bug fixes.
    • v.1.0 - Released on December 10, 2003. Initial release version,