Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC User's Manual
Stand Alone, Inc.

Table of Contents

manual updated 2/16/04

1.0 Welcome and Registration

1.1 About Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC
1.2 System Requirements
1.3 Registering Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC
1.4 Contacting Stand Alone Inc.
1.5 Making Suggestions, Requesting Features and Reporting Bugs

3.0 Using Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC

3.1 Basics
3.2 Icons

3.2.1 Menu Icon
3.2.2 Check Button
3.2.3 Hint Button
3.2.4 Available Puzzles Button
3.2.5 Show Clues Button
3.2.6 Puzzle Magnification
3.2.7 Toggle Clue Direction Button
3.2.8 Keyboard Button

4.0 Navigating the Puzzles

4.1 Using the Pen
4.2 Using SIP (Soft Input Panel)

4.3 Using the Customized Keyboard

4.4 Using Scroll -Wheel / 5-Way Navigation

5.0 Preferences

6.0 Getting New Puzzles

7.0 Version History


1.0 Welcome and Registration

1.1 About Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC

Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC lets you download, store, and solve and unlimited number of Across Lite™ crossword puzzles on your Pocket PC device.

1.2 System Requirements

Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC is designed to work on all Pocket PC 2000, 2002, 2003 devices.

1.3 Registering Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC

The Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC Demo will work for a 30 day trial period. Before it expires, it is fully functional, with no hidden features. At the end of the 30 days, it will stop working. After it expires, you will be unable to play your puzzles, but any you have already started will be saved. You can register with us by several different methods.

You will need to provide the following information, no matter how you choose to register. Most importantly, please include your name and the serial number shown on the registration screen of the application EXACTLY as it is displayed, including spaces. We use this to generate your password, so it must be accurate. Please specify which programs you wish to register, and include payment for each. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, checks and money orders. Make sure to include your card number, the expiration date, and the type of card you are using. Please also provide us with a way to get in touch with you, preferably via email.

Alternatively, you can send us a check to the address below. The current software price may be found on our website.

You can also email us an order. Just send us the relevant information, and we will send you back a code. It is also possible to purchase Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC through our website at  and through Handango, at .

Once you register, you will receive a registration code from us. To enter the code, first tap on the Menu silkscreen button. Then select Options and tap "Enter Registration Code". Enter your code in the space provided.

1.4 Contacting Stand Alone Inc.

There are several ways to get in touch with us at Stand Alone, Inc. Email is the preferred form of communication. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or complaints, please don't hesitate to contact us through any of the methods listed below.


(773) 477-2579

Regular Mail
Stand Alone
707 W. Junior Terrace, 2N
Chicago IL, 60613

World Wide Web (online reporting forms)

1.5 Making Suggestions, Requesting Features, and Reporting Bugs

If you find a bug in our software, it would be helpful if you reported it to us. To report a bug, please email us with Bug Report in the subject line. In the email, include the following information:
  • the type of Pocket PC device you are using.
  • The software name and version number (e.g. Crosswords for Pocket PC v1.1)
  • The error message
  • A brief description of how we can recreate the error
  • Your name and email address so that we may contact you when the bug is fixed

As soon as we receive your email, the programmer will examine the problem, and attempt fix it. Because our programmers are busy creating software, it can take a while for them to reply, but they will release a new version of the software that fixes the bug as soon as possible.


2.0 Installing Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC

Please note that our installer is a Windows executable file, and can only be run on a Windows OS computer. Upon downloading the installer from or our partner websites, run the installer application. On the first installation, you will be prompted for an installation destination folder. The default location is within a folder labelled "Stand Alone, Inc" in your Program Files folder. In almost all cases, this is the appropriate destination and should not be changed. After selecting the destination folder, you will encounter a "Select Components" screen, which includes options to download the application, the 6 included puzzle bundles, and this manual. The default settings include all of these files.

After running the installer, you'll have Crosswords application file ready to be installed onto your Pocket PC device, and a coy of this manual file in the C:/Program Files/Stand Alone, Inc./Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC/ directory of your desktop computer, or within any other folder you chose during the installation.

Please note that to install the puzzles contained in the puzzle bundles, you must open each button and enter the separate registration code provided for each.


3.0 Using Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC

Note: All screenshots for Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC are taken from the Pocket PC 2002 device.

3.1 Basics

When the program is opened, the currently loaded crossword puzzle is displayed on the screen. The puzzle is completely interactive. A description of your navigation options as a user are described in the "Navigation" section below.

3.2 Icons

At the bottom of the screen are a series of icons. These icons access special features of Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC. These are described below as they appear on the main screen from left to right.

3.2.1 Menu Icon

The Menu icon displays a menu providing additonal puzzle options. These options include:


  • Puzzles:Available - Access a list of installed puzzles.
  • Puzzles:Download - Download new puzzles from the internet.
  • Toggle:Numbers - Toggle the display of puzzle numbers.
  • Toggle:Auto Skip - Toggle the Auto Skip status.
  • Clear:Letter - Clear a previously entered letter in the puzzle.
  • Clear:Word - Clear a previously entered word in the puzzle.
  • Clear:Puzzle - Clear the entire puzzle.
  • Preferences - Open the Preferences Screen (See Preferences Section).
  • Puzzle Info - Display puzzle creator information.
  • Register - Display the program registration screen.
  • Help - Display on-screen help information.
  • About - Display the program information screen.
  • Exit - Close the program.

3.2.2 Check Icon

Tapping this icon will highlight any incorrect letters in the puzzle. This will only work if the puzzle has a unscrambled answer key. Some newspapers publish the current day's puzzle with a scrambled key.

3.2.3 Hint Icon

Tapping this icon will display a menu allowing you to display the solution to the current square, word, or the entire puzzle in red. Tap again to return to the puzzle view. As with the Check icon, this feature requires an unscrambled puzzle key.

3.2.4 Available Puzzles 

Tapping this icon displays the Available Puzzles window, allowing access to all stored puzzles in memory. Select any puzzle available in your /My Documents directory or any directory under /My Documents  (for example /My Documents/Crossword Puzzles) on  your handheld or any directory under your My SD Card Name directory (for example My SD Card Name/Crossword Puzzles).


3.2.5 Show Clues button 

Tapping this displays the Clues window, which lists puzzle clues in numerical order. Switch between the across and down clues by tapping on the across/down tab. Tapping on a clue takes you directly to its location in the puzzle.


3.2.6 Puzzle Magnification

This icon displays a popup menu with options to change the size of the puzzle on the screen.  Choose Small, Medium or Large screen magnification.


3.2.7 Toggle Clue Direction Button

Tapping this icon toggles the currently selected clue between the Across and Down words containing the currently selected letter.

3.2.8 Keyboard Button

Tapping this icon displays the mini-keyboard. To close the keyboard, tap the OK button or tap the keyboard button again.

4.0 Navigating the Puzzle

4.1 Using the Pen

A word or letter square is active when it is highlighted and can be edited. The active square is a different color shade than the other letters in the highlighted word. Tap on a particular square to activate it. Along with the active letter, either the associated across or down word is also activated. Tapping the active letter toggles the active word between the across and down words associated with that letter. In the medium or large screen mode, drag the pen across the screen to view different areas of the puzzle.

4.2 Using SIP (Soft Input Panel) Keyboard and Letter Recognizer

Edit letters using either SIP Keyboard or Letter Recognizer available at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Use the back button to erase an entry. After the active letter is edited, the next letter in the active word is activated.
The letters entered are limited to letters A-Z and backspace.

4.3 Using the Customized Keyboard

The Keyboard icon displays the Customized Keyboard for text entry. The operation is the same as the SIP Keyboard.

4.4 Scroll - Wheel / 5-Way Navigation

Navigate through the puzzle clues using the Scroll wheel or 5-way navigational button:
  • Scroll wheel:  Scroll up or down to sequentially navigate the Across/Down clues. Push the scroll button to toggle between Across and Down clues.
  • 5-Way Navigation:  Press left or up to navigate to the prior clue, and right or down to navigate to the next clue. Press Enter to toggle between Across and Down Clues.

5.0 Preferences

Access this screen by choosing "Preferences" from the Application menu.
Screen Magnification

The currently selected value is highlighted.

Toggle Options (Auto-Skip  & Show Numbers)

Select /Deselect the check box  to toggle the Auto-Skip setting. When entering letters of a partially-completed word, the Auto-Skip feature will cause filled letters to be skipped.

Select /Deselect  the check box to toggle the Show Numbers setting. If selected, clue numbers are shown in the medium or large screen magnification mode.

Color Settings

Tap on the colored buttons shown to change the color settings of the display.

6.0 Getting New Puzzles

All puzzles for Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC are in Across Lite™ format, with the file extension .puz. These puzzles are available from various sources, and from across the internet. Many newspapers provide their daily puzzles in this format. Once you have a .puz file, it may be installed on your handheld and accessed like any other file.
  • If you have a puzzle file on your hard drive and wish to install it on your handheld, simply drag the file to the appropriate folder in the "Mobile Device" drive on your Windows computer.
  • New puzzles for Crossword Puzzles for Pocket PC can be downloaded in two ways. Using the ActiveSync connection to the desktop computer or using the Wireless Internet connection available to your device.

To download new puzzles directly to your Pocket PC device using either of thse methods, open the Crossword Download Puzzle screen which is displayed upon selecting Puzzles > Download from the application menu.


The automatic internet download feature will only work if the URL (website address starting with http://) specifies a .puz file in the address, meaning the entire address must end with "/puzzlename.puz". Fortunately, many newspapers, like the two already entered in the download list, give their daily puzzle the same name day to day. Each day the same URL will download a new puzzle. Also, some newspapers archive their puzzles, so you may modify the URL's or add new ones, or manually download the puzzles and drag them to the appropriate folder. For example, if a newspaper archives a puzzle as, then adding this URL to the list will download this puzzle each time this URL is accessed.

If you wish to modify a URL, tap it and modify the text on the line below the main window.

To delete a URL, select it and tap the Delete button. To add a URL, tap the Get New button and enter its text.

After a successful download, you will be presented with an option to choose the directory to store the downloaded puzzle file. You can then choose to save the downloaded file to your device or to your SD-Card.

Please note that you must manually download puzzles each day that you want to add puzzles from the two sources entered in the download list. If you repeat a download on the same day, you will only replace the puzzle you have already downloaded.


7.0 Version History

Current Release Version - 1.14    -    2/16/2004

Initial Release Version - 1.0        -    11/05/2003