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If you registered Solitaire Pack 2 for Palm OS v.3.x before 10/01/01, you must pay the upgrade fee of $5.00 to upgrade to Solitaire Pack Vol. 2 v.3.x. Please fill out the form listed below

Please make sure that you have downloaded Solitaire Pack Vol. 2 v.3.0 before proceeding, as your current version of Solitaire Pack will not accept the new registration code.

Please use the following links to download Solitaire Pack Vol. 2 v.3.0:
  • PC Download
  • Mac Download
  • Zip Download

  • Please enter in your Palm User Name and Solitaire Pack 2 registration code in the fields below.
    Your registration code can be found by going into Solitaire Pack 2, tap on 'Options' and then on 'About Solitaire Pack 2'.
    User Name:
    Reg Code: - -
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